Do you Want To Decide City For NEW Startup? Indore Is The Best One

May 18, 2018, By MDWE Indore

About Indore


Indore is an extremely interesting city and lies in the heart of India (Madhya Pradesh).Indore is a capital of Madhya Pradesh called as Mini Mumbai. Indore is covered with 30 lacks population in the land area of 398 Kilometers. It is biggest and populous city of Madhya Pradesh along with that 14th most populous city in India. It is a 2 Tier City and covered with 2.5 Million Inhabitants. Indore is famous for its culture, cosmopolitan, monuments, companies and many more. Indore is also called as education hub of India. Indore was first to have IIT and IIM the best universities of India. Indore is a cities of Foodies.

It have been selected 2nd time as the cleanest city in India as per Swachh Survekshan in 2017 and 2018. Indore comes under the Smart Cities Mission and has been selected to develop as smart cities in 100 cities of India. Indore is best in every aspect for the startup like accommodation, food, marketing etc.

Why Indore for New Start Up?

Why Indore for New Start Up?

Indore is 10th in India and 32nd in World fastest growing cities. Indore is not only famous for historical places or food. Indore is also known as commercial capital of M.P. Indore is playing a major role in contribution to the economy in the central region which have many industries like IT, Manufacturing, Textiles, automobile and pharmaceuticals. Two main industrial areas of Indore is Pithampur and Sanwer. Pithampur is called as ‘Detroit of India’ and have many largest pharmaceuticals and automobile industries. Sanwer has steel industries.

If we talk about studies as we know it is education hub have both famous institutes of India and also have DAVV authorization (Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidhalaya).Mhow is also a best town in Indore it have 3 Indian Army Training Institutes. In Indore, every business and industries has its own place from traditional agro Companies to modern IT Comapanies. Its not like that there are only large industries who are contributing in economy growth form Indore. Small scale industries and businesses are contributing more in economy growth.

Famous Succeeded Startups Of Indore …

Famous Succeeded Startups Of Indore

  • Indori zayka
  • Engineer Babu
  • MDWE
  • MP 09 Digital
  • TukTuk Rikshaws
  • Info Beans
  • Rack Bank
  • Wittyfeed
  • Oye 24
  • Shop It Daily

Still Counting……

Portraying Different Reasons Why Indore is best to start a New business…

  • Markets

Indore is a hotspot for a shopper. Numerous number of markets and malls are there. From resellers to wholesalers or International Branded clothes to normal range clothes Department are in Indore. Handicrafts, emporium, terracotta, jewellery or boho items everything you will get in Indore Markets.

  • Life Style

The life style of Indore is not the same as metro cities not 100% but we can say 50%. Daily office routine is 9 to 6 or night life is also good. As compared to metro cities Indore is cheaper. People of Indore is very friendly and helpful. Indore is the safest city among the metro cities.

Life Style indore

  • Accommodation and Connectivity


In connectivity, Indore is excellent in Rail, Air, Buses. Not so high in the range also and connected to all over the country. Accommodation is also not so high in range according to Mumbai, Pune, and Banglore etc. Hostels, Hotels, PG and if you need a personal house, rental houses are available. Indore is pocket friendly in connectivity and accommodation.

  • Modern IT Companies
    Modern IT Companies

Many IT companies are emerging in Indore. In the future, there will be a chain of IT companies and thousands of Job opportunity. Biggest IT companies also have offices in Indore like Impetus, CSC, Yash Technologies, Clear Trail and more. Soon there will be IT Hub in Indore. Digital marketing, social marketing or web designing companies are also there in Indore.

E-Commerce Companies are giving New Face to Indore :


Coworking , Indore

It is a new technique of doing work which has started in Indore also not only in Delhi or Mumbai metro cities. It shows that Indore is growing fastere. Co Working means two different companies sharing the space on lease or rental. Two Companies can work together at one place. One of the top company is Raletta Coworking in Indore other than that India Datters, Incuspaze.


Digital Marketing, Indore

In Indore Digital marketing companies rising day by day in Training Course and Internship. Jobs opportunities are there in SEO, SMO, and Content Writer. For startup digital marketing the only need SMO and SEO services to attract their customers.

Best Company of Digital marketing In Indore:

  • MDWE
  • OBabuji
  • AB InfoTech
  • Full Scoop

Web Designing Companies of Indore

Number of website designing companies are there in Indore.. Website Designing is like what kind of business you are doing it will show your profile of the business. PHP and Web Designing is New Era of marketing.

Companies of Web Designing In Indore:

  • Convetous
  • Clickonix Media Technology
  • Innovation Industry

Indore Ranked First Cleanest City In India

Indore Ranked First Cleanest City In India

While entering in Indore you can’t ignore two things Street Food of Indore and Swachh Abhiyan Vehicles and sweepers who had done Hard Work to make this happen. This swachata abhiyan was started from three places of Indore- Choithram, NandlaPura and Rajkumar Sabzi Mandi by reducing waste through Compositing. After that step by step sanitation, road cleaning, adding dust bins dustbins and door to door collections played a great role all just because of Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC).

Indore also has many digital marketing training institutes. Such skills can be game changers for tech startups.

The Indore was ranked 1st in 2017 January – February among 434 cities as the cleanest city of India according to Swachh Survekshan. After a whole year again Indore came on top for the best cleanest city few eyebrows definitely have been raised because it’s a second time Indore got the victory. This time Ministry of Housing and Urban’s Affair (MOHUA)  has surveyed Swachh Survekshan between 4023 cities of India it was a proud moment for Indore.

It shows that Indore is not only a city of foodies Indories also have a strong feeling to make their city neat and clean.

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