Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services

How does Amazon advertising work?


Just like Google, Amazon also gives a privilege to showcase the products and drive a large audience through amazon ads. This is a direct way of gathering user attention via various types of amazon ads like Sponsor ads, video or audio ads. Amazon marketing services are similar to Google ad service which uses keyword based pay per click policy. 


This means, you pay for showcasing your ads and whenever a user click on your ad your funds get deducted and that user is redirected to targeted landing page. However, it is very important to know that advertising is associated with money investing and therefore, quality research is mandatory before setting up a campaign. If not taken care of, neither your brand will get the desired fame nor you get quality conversions. 


To help you with this, MDWE offers a service of handling your amazon advertising through our end.  Our amazon ppc agency has all the expert doers’ to help you in designing the perfect amazon campaign. Our amazon ppc management team will help you in implementing a quality ad starting from market research to performance check for getting desired results.


Why choose Amazon Marketing services?


If you are using amazon as a platform to sell your brand product, then you must know it is a widely accepted shopping gateway all over the world. However, to boost your sales, it is important that you switch your traditional method of generating sales to digital. Following are some of the benefits of having amazon marketplace:


  1. User Base: Amazon has a pre-existing client base which includes billions of quality users. With amazon online marketing, you can significantly boost your sales by 10x with a convinced audience.

  2. Performance Insights: Amazon has a powerful algorithm which includes one of the best dashboards to showcase the insights of products. Business owners can get a better view of their sales, see the inside behavior of clients and work on areas of improvement.

  3. Remarketing: Remarketing allows brands to re-target your products to people who have already checked out some of your products or have similar tastes. This allows them to make connections with users on multiple platforms.

  4. Better Availability: Amazon is a trusted platform which can be accessible by users over multiple device platforms. Therefore, amazon ppc is a better option and can bring better sales. 


Benefits of Amazon Marketing services


  • Easy advertising: With Amazon , you get various options of promoting the product through several ways like video, audio and other sponsored products through cost per click algorithm. With this, businesses can cover a wide area of consumers to be targeted and get desired results.

  • Low ad cost: Amazon advertising services have lower rates than other platforms. However, amazon already has its established brand name and market value thus, people tend to choose Amazon as a shopping platform more often. Hence, you should consider it as a better option for promoting your services.
  • Better Brand Awareness: Shoppers around the world are keen to spend in quality. Therefore, if you want to increase your brand quality, amazon is the best way. People from all over the world are using amazon and its related products such as Alexa. This advantage allows a brand to advertise it on all the related platforms of Amazon and can raise their brand awareness.

  • More Sales: More than half of the population has changed their style of shopping and has moved to digital platforms. As Amazon is the most trusted platform, users have a trust build on it which can convert better sales than any other platform. Our amazon digital marketing team makes sure you get quality sales by executing the best ad service.


Kinds of Amazon Marketing services:


Amazon Sponsored products: Amazon Sponsored products appear when a user makes a search on a particular Keyword and the related product appears on the top of the listing. Our Amazon PPC experts make sure that your product gets high traffic on the targeted keywords by increased visibility.


Amazon Sponsored Brands: These are Amazon sponsored products in which multiple products appear in a listing  that are promoted in order to drive user’s attention. This works on a keyword based algorithm which may include offers, clearance items and other promotional categories.


Amazon Sponsored Display Ads: Display ads are used to promote amazon marketplace over several mediums like Amazon Prime, prime video channels. Our amazon marketing agency experts help businesses create high level ppc campaigns to advertise ecommerce brands and generate better revenue.


Amazon Video Ad: Amazon offers an option of promoting products over the internet via video ads. These ads can not be skipped by users and can promote listings on connected TV or network.


Amazon DSP: Amazon DSP is a Demand-side-platform in which product or category promotions are made on the web through centralized mode of advertising. This is the advanced level of advertising that can be displayed on any type of device or platform. Amazon DSP also gives an advantage of popping up the ad in any format.

Amazon Audio Ad: Advertising through audio ads is also another form of getting user attention. Audio may last for 15 to 30 seconds and can be promoted on almost every alexa connected device.


Why Choose us?


As the craze of digital shopping has grown, competition among various ecommerce platforms have also risen. Thus, it has become essential in today’s world to take your business to another level by promoting it on amazon. Nevertheless, amazon has always been marked as #1 and accepted as the trusted platform by most of the users. Hence, our MDWE team promises to give premium amazon marketing services to ensure your sales are boosted. We work on the following pattern to make sure everything is smoothly implemented.


Market Research: Our amazon online marketing team makes sure that your brand always stays ahead of the competition and applies the best possible strategies to be in trend. Our aim is to boost your returns over investment through our best amazon marketing services.


Advertise: Choosing the right way of advertising always pays off in generating better sales. Our team will help you choose the right way of promoting your product to users through the n-number of ways and drive more audience.

Get Results: The main focus of setting up a campaign is to drive results. Thus, we make sure that you get the best results from our designed campaigns and tactics and earn the best out of it.