Google Ads Management Services

Google Ads Management Services

What is Google ads management?


70% of the digital market is occupied by Google. Therefore, it becomes essential for enterprises to show their availability on search engines like Google. Google ads management, previously known as Google adwords management is a platform where businesses can advertise their brands and improve the online presence of their brand. 


Before starting with google ads, you need to have an optimized google adwords management account that implies the relevant strategy to make sure your account is up to date. From setting up the account to optimizing the landing page to campaign management, our team will help you in almost everything. 


We will ensure that you get extreme advantage from our google ads management service, Moreover, we help your business to take it to another height by choosing the right bid strategy, thoroughly optimizing the landing page, and continuously analyzing the performance metrics. Our team has all experienced professionals who will provide you dedicated support from accounts set up to generate results. 


What is the need of Google ads management services?


It is proven that about 33% of people get their direct queries solved through google ads. Thus, it becomes important to properly optimize the google adwords management account which is only responsible for generating sales. With Google ads management services, you can unlock the success by targeting your brand’s service to the preferred geolocation, age group and customize the settings anytime.  


However, It is a very lengthy process that involves your investment therefore, you need to be very careful while creating strategy for your google advertising. It is recommended that you choose an experienced google adwords management company that will help you in creating high quality ads that drive the leads for you.


We are a google partner and because of our work, we have become a certified company for proving genuine google ads management services for brand promotion. We just not provide adwords PPC management services, but have deep expertise in


  •  Writing best content for your ads
  • Landing page development and design
  • Creating tailor made strategies for google ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • 24*7 Client support
  • Guaranteed results


Our google advertising management workflow


Nevertheless we have a dedicated team of experts who work day and night to keep your campaign up to date, we also keep a workflow according to which we divide our focus and pay proper attention in regulating it. This includes:


Initial settings: We check out the business needs and work according to that. Our google adwords management company has all experts who will analyze the needs of your business and strategize the work plan accordingly. Whether it's enhancing brand awareness or optimizing conversion rates, we can plan the best for you. 


Market research: Our main focus is to boost your brand’s identity in the market and help you generate maximum from it. Therefore, we put our time on choosing the best keywords and make thorough research on competitors strategies to level up your business growth. We make sure that our chosen keywords fits in your budget yet offer you consistent progress.


Strategy Design: Our professional team can help you in creating a new google ad account or reframing the existing one. We make a deep analysis of the consequences that occurred after our strategic implementation and thus, we choose the best of it and make sure it provides advantage on a long term basis.


Landing page design: After creating strategies for a perfect google ad, we make sure that the landing pages are fully optimized and have a proper call to action button. We also ensure that users are landed on the same page on which they have asked their queries.


Campaign management: This is the core part of the system in which our google adwords management team creates an ad which promotes your business. We make sure that the ad is created within your budget and track the progress at every stage.


Ad Maintenance: We keep a continuous check on maintaining the ad account and ensure that they are generating the required returns. We avoid the money wastage and make sure that our clients invest on the right platform. 


What is included in our Google ads management services?


Google ad account creation and set up: Google adwords management services includes the first step as creation of an ad account. This account is then linked with other google platform services like adwords, Google analytics, Google tag manager to track its performance. These linked accounts will give frequent updates about the customer activities and their bounce rates. Depending upon your business model, we will be integrating the bid model. 


Landing page Optimization: Landing page is the obvious thing which is presented to the user that is directly concerned with the conversions. There are definite sets of rules that reflect if the page is optimized or not. These include, having proper user friendly content, CTA, mobile friendliness and several other aspects. Our google advertising management team ensures that your landing page is thoroughly optimized and has the required answers to user’s queries. 


Adwords PPC management: Our marketing team verifies all the targeted keywords are relevant and are putting significant advantage to your page. These optimizations are to ensure that the particular dedicated page can participate in increasing returns over investments. Our knowledge and industry experience gave us the potential to choose wise keywords that bring conversions, landing page design and bid quality check.


Ad copy creation: Ad copy creation involves writing up user engaging content that forces customers to click through the ad. Our ad copy creation technique is unique from others. We help businesses to showcase the need to the common people and how their product or service will add value to their life.


Conversion tracking: Conversion tracking is the most important need of google adwords management services. Without analyzing conversions, all your efforts of creating and implementing strategies will be wasted. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check for the tactics you use for creating ad strategy and update it if it is not generating any results.