PPC Services

PPC Services

What is PPC in Digital Marketing?


Pay per click or PPC is a way of advertising products or services online on various SERP results. Whenever a search is made on search enine, the few links appears on the top are because of PPC. google pay per click allows users to place bids on the links and redirect them to their targetted pages.  The main purpose of pay per click ads is to raise the brand awareness. 


Nevertheless, PPC ads are created with a decided budget which cuts down every time whenever a user clicks on these ads. Users believe that they click on the ads because it straight forwardly answer their queries.


MDWE is a google partnered ppc company that provides excellent tailored-made PPC services according to your business. We years of experience will help you get quality lead conversions, quantity traffic and brand awareness. 


How Pay per click ads generate better revenue?


According to the data, Google pay per click ads can be better option for business to improve their lead conversions. This is because of the extreme property of Google Ads platform where a user can directly chooses its targetted audience and demographics to target and can generate awesome sales. However, it is crucial to choose the right targetted keywords while creating an ad.  


Ads can be of any form like simple text, image, videos, ratings or everything in one. They may even contain product image or description.These ppc ads are versatile in nature and can generate better ROI. We at MDWE can help you in the following PPC services:


  • Paid Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Retargeting of Ads
  • Ecommerce Ads
  • Content syndication

Steps to create a successful pay per click ads

  • Focusing on right keywords: Keyword research is the biggest challenge in creating an ad. Only these keywords will be displayed at the time of ads and because of these keywords, you will be able to target your desired audience. If you failed in your keyword research, you may miss your target of conversions and so as your budget.

  • Creating ads: After a perfect keyword research, its time to create an Ad. Your ppc ad will include text, images, videos. Keep in mind to provide CTA in the end. Moreover, you can also add contact number of the business and it’s address which will ease the task of people to reach out to you.

  1. Landing page: This is the main task for which the process has been started. It is crucial to have a optimized landing page in terms of content, graphics and videos and mobile friendliness. If you were unable to provide the solution to user’s query, you will surely lose conversions and your budget.

  2. Bidding strategy: Having a proper bidding strategy is must. This is directly related to the keyword list you choose. Your type of chosen keyword will tell where your ad will be placed in the SERP.

  3. Review: After completing all the steps, you can measure the results of your conversions through the dashboard and know what is liked by audience and what is not. Further, you can ask for your PPC company to make changes, if required.


Creating a successful ppc ad is important because it involves your monitory properties. Few factors like choosing right keywords, adding CTA or budgeting directly affects its credibility.  MDWE is a PPC consultants who will help you in building the top-notch PPC ads. Our team of content writers, graphic desigeners and web designers will help you create an awesome landing page for your better conversions.


PPC services we provide: 

  • PPC consultation: We offer a-z PPC consultation that includes market research, understanding business approach, their target audience, competitor analysis, keyword research and then develop strategies to create ad.

  • Landing pages optimization: Our marketing team can fully functionalize your existing landing page or create one for perfect user landing. This includes adding CTA, valuable content and proper keywords.

  • PPC optimization: Our PPC services includes analyzing ad performance, landing page performance to track results. Our PPC company also audit your ad account, rebuilds it in case it is poorly performing.

  • Real-time performance measurement: We provide real-time tracking and reporting of the ppc ad. We integrate CRM to the ad account so that you never miss any lead. Moreover, we give special functionality of removing junk leads from the account.

  • Google Ads: Our PPC consultants help you in creating google pay per click ads campaigns for your business. We design tailor made ads for our clients to help them reach out  their goals or optimize already existing ads for better reach.

  • Facebook Ads: We give services on creation or optimization of Facebook ads for Direct to consumer ads or retargeting same campaigns.

  • LinkedIn ads: If you are looking for specified target audience, companies or B2B reach, LinkedIN ads can be an option for you. Our marketing specialist can help you create sponsored ads for your business and approach your preferred audience.

  • Amazon ads: Turn your popular product ads to sponsor ads and promote it to world. Our pay per click ads team will understand your ecommerce needs and will guide  you on placing ads according to your demands. We can help you placing display ads, sponsored products, headline search ads.

  • Instagram ads: With the 600+ billion active users, you can showcase your products on a higher scale. Our team will help you knowing your goals, audience, budget, tips for better scalable products. 

Why choose us for your PPC services?


When you choose us for your PPC services, we promise you better visibility and more conversions. We offer you turnkey process from PPC consultancy to live pay per click ad. Our specialized marketer team will guide you in thorough process and guarantees you greater success. Although, we are a sincere google partner, we will not neglect the grace of other Search engines and make sure you get the same results from other search engines as well. We promise the following things:


  • Custom PPC strategy according to your business goals
  • Detailed Keyword research for perfect ad creation
  • Focus on Multiple search engines 
  • Advance tools for competitor analysis
  • Proper ad account management
  • Bid management
  • Monitoring leads and removing junk leads.

How our PPC services are better than others?


  1. We are a google partner since ages and have been regarded as the best ppc services company.

  2. We offer turnkey PPC services and strategies to get started.

  3. Our pay per click service are fully optimized which helps in maximizing ROI.

  4. We use every possible search engine to target the ads.

  5. Our ppc services company uses cutting edge tools to research the competitors.

  6. Our expert team have specialists that will help in 24*7 client support.

  7. We uses high end AI tools to regularly track the performance of your paid ad.

  8. Our content writers help in writing the best content for your ads.