Shopify SEO Services

Shopify SEO Services

What Shopify SEO Services do you need?


Shopify SEO services will let your shopify store get the desired attention it deserves. We performa shopify seo audit to check all the technical and on-page issues that cause hindrance to your success. Our aim is to provide service providers an edge to enhance their visibility. With our cutting edge tools and technologies, we make tailor made strategies to improve the quality of your shopify store.  We are a google partner and our years of experience and hardwork has made us the best seo company for shopify. Our market analysts dedicatedly listens to your business goals and create tailor made strategies which completely rely on your demands. 


We will thoroughly help you in creating a store, setting up a perfect theme. We can also customize the design as per your need. Our motive is not only to drive traffic but get quality conversions and relation building. We provide top-notch services that are truly focused on generating high revenue for your business model. 


Shopify Vs WooCommerce


Shopify and WooCommerce both are huge platforms for ecommerce. However, there has always been competition among two because of its specialities and benefits. Nevertheless, wooCommerce is regarded as a better option for digital stores but the advanced functionalities provided by shopify make it even better.


These includes:

  1. Easy hosting: Creating a shopify brand for your online business has never been easy before. However, Shopify provides by default hosting service while creating a store. With that, you can buy a new domain or choose the existing one to launch a store.

  2. Less Development Time:  With shopify, you can customize your store according to your needs and demand with fewer clicks. Developing a shopify store takes fewer clicks and code free development. This means, it takes less development time and takes just a few hours to launch a store.

  3. Easy Marketing: Shopify gives you additional features of expanding your services to your non-regular customers. With shopify, you can easily share your service or products on ebay, amazon, pinterest and many other platforms.

  4. Security: As shopify gives an in-built service of offering hosting, it provides SSL secured websites with integrated enhanced security levels to avoid any third party hacks and secures user’s data and their payment gateways.

  5. Other features: With shopify, you can add other advanced features like cart recovery and better customer service.


What kind of business can be created with Shopify?


Shopify gives a variety of options for building n-number of business services. You can easily create an ecommerce store in no time and start selling your products or services. This function allows users to make better decisions and earn in no time.  With easy plugins and maintenance, advanced security, better marketing a business can reach out to a wider audience. Nevertheless, you can also sell services like:


  • Online Consultation 
  • Digital Products
  • Business Services
  • Memberships
  • Online classes


Our Shopify SEO Services to multiple your conversions


Shopify site seo audit: Our shopify ecommerce seo expert will examine your website and figure out the pointers affecting your site ranking. We deeply analyze the website structure, quality of backlinks, technical SEO and make a report of the problems associated and how our team will help you in resolving them. Nonetheless, we also provide you a recommendation sheet to improve the website for better results.


Website Optimization: Our shopify seo specialist will check out the most of the factors on which a website may lag. We make sure that the website is fully optimized with the best meta tags, image tags, has proper headers and all the pages are internally connected. Our shopify seo expert will give the best approach for both on-page and off-page optimization and make an awesome strategy to fulfill those practices to drive the accurate results.


Keyword Research: If you are not using the relevant keywords, you are likely to miss out on a wide audience of customers and ultimately will lose sales. Our shopify seo expert will make sure that you opt for the right potential keywords for all your product and category pages. Our expert marketers will use the best keyword strategy to optimize your pages and enhance its reach and help you target the keywords that your competitors are using.


Link Building: Our shopify ecommerce seo expert offers high quality backlink generator service to improve its site authority. We make sure that the pages are internally connected and reflect the best SEO practice. Our link building strategies are best and promise to level up your traffic and sales. 


Content Strategy: Content plays a major role in bringing the user's attention. Providing valuable content ensures that the website is legit. However, publishing content on site will also improve the site SEO by linking the relevant keywords to your site. Our awesome content strategy will showcase the best of your products and will be easily crawlable by the google. We give our 100% in writing SEO optimized as well as user friendly meta descriptions and titles to drive maximum sales.

Technical SEO: Our marketers never missed out extremely important factors on which a website depends. This includes, improving site structure, sitemap creation and updation, checking the crawlability, site speed, mobile friendliness, canonical tags, featured snippets  and more. We use several measurement tools to regularly monitor your site health and do our best to maintain it to the utmost level.


CTR Optimization: Conversion rate of a website depends on several factors that include the website design, image quality, proper on-page optimization. Our agency will help you in building a fully optimized website with proper tags and descriptions, CTA buttons, optimized and compressed images, and backlinks to increase your website conversion rate. 


Choose us as your shopify seo services agency


Our fully functional shopify SEO services will help your shopify store get all the attraction on your targeted keyword and earn maximum traffic and conversions on that. We will optimize your store and help it make it user-friendly for more engagement. From simple resaling stores to a blogger ecommerce platform,  Our shopify seo expert will implement all the strategies that will trend your store on every possible search engine. 


Not only this, we offer number of additional shopify services:


  1. Shopify development
  2. Shopify store customization
  3. Third party integrations
  4. Wallet integration 
  5. Shopify store app development
  6. Current Design modification.
  7. Better UI/UX
  8. Advance Security algorithms
  9. Better data analytics
  10. Easy backend decoding