Video SEO Services

Video SEO Services

What is Video SEO?


Videos are a greater source of learning than reading these days. This is because it includes eye-catchy graphics, audio, transitions that attract user’s attention and therefore they take more interest in videos than other ways of learning things. That is why YouTube has acquired the second position in terms of searching content after Google.  


Video SEO is a term that defines the meaning of improving visibility of videos by implementing SEO tactics These SEO techniques will help in better video optimization for youtube videos or other search engines. Video search engine optimization techniques generate metadata which clearly gives results on user search queries.  The video results that pops up after user queries are a result of video seo.


With the help of video marketing seo, you can build a route of driving organic traffic to your videos or youtube channel that will significantly increase your conversions. Our MDWE team have video seo experts that will make sure to provide the best youtube seo for your videos and ensure they contain correct metadata, appears and ranks on search engines every time a query is searched.



Why do you need Video SEO?


Videos are a combination of graphics and audio. However, Google bot understood the keywords and could not figure out what was going on inside the video. No matter if your video content is top-notch, it could not be crawled by Google Bot because of lack of transcription. Therefore, your YouTube videos require Youtube seo services that will make sure search engines can easily understand the video content and recognize it. 


No doubt, YouTube is the second biggest search engine and generates better conversions than Bing, Yahoo and more. To help you in this, MDWE provides best of all Video SEO services to make your brand even stronger in the market. We promise to bring the best of your content by optimizing it. We keep focus on improving watch time, user engagement and length of videos. Moreover, we include captions with added keywords for widening your audience. We take care of all the possible SEO metrics to help in better ranking of your video.


Important factors for video seo services?


Our video seo company takes care of your video visibility and offers video marketing seo services that will boost your video ranking. Following are some key factors we take care of while strategizing video seo.


Keywords: The very first thing that comes to mind before getting into video seo is the type of content. Depending upon the content type, we ensure that proper research is made and then add keywords to expand its reach. 


Video Title: Video Title is the first thing that draws user attention. A perfect video title tag should be eye catchy and able to provide the user's answer on the question they ask. Further, the title should be in a definite length and have a keyword inserted in it.


Video Description: Descriptions should be crisp and to the point. It should not be stuffed with keywords. Our video seo experts make sure that descriptions provide full details of video that provide value to users.


Video Tags: Every time when a query is posted, crawlers search the videos by checking the relevant tags from the index and then showcase results. Thus, it is important to insert proper video tags with added keywords to trend in search results.


What makes our video seo services special?


Video is an integral mode of sharing information to the audience without any face to face contact. With videos, you can make better conversions by directly targeting your audience. The benefits of video marketing is, you can present your product better to the audience and earn potential customers. Our industry knowledge and experience is what makes us different from our competitors. 


We don’t just talk about our video seo services , we perform them and drive results. No matter if you have a YouTube video or a video attached to a webpage, our marketers make sure that videos are properly described and have equivalent integrated titles and tags. We don’t take your videos granted but pay focus on making them more engaging among users.


We help turn out your YouTube videos to a monetization platform which would generate money for you. Our video seo services gives your campaigns a successful edge which can secretly build a foundation for quality users. If you are also searching for a company that will help you videos to rank, we offer more than video seo services. We will help you plan, strategize the content and help it get number 1 position. 


Our approach to Video SEO


Keyword optimization: Video SEO is slightly different from regular search engine SEO. In case of video optimization for youtube, you need to be very sure about the type of keywords you are using. These keywords will be directly affecting your search results and user’s queries. Therefore,  our experts provide extreme services on video search engine optimization so that you can focus only on your content.


Video Optimization: although we insert the best researched keywords in content, we our experts make sure that your meta tags are properly implemented. The video title and description is properly made and has a beautiful  thumbnail for bringing user attention. Further, we create a transcript for video so that video content is easily understood by search engines.


Landing Pages: It is important to note that landing pages on which videos are embedded needs to be optimized. Pages should be filled with the content which is relevant to the video content and should provide value to the content. For instance, if the video is about any kind of recipe, you can write “ Don’t forget to check out the video recipe ” or something else which has relevance to that content.


Video Indexing: Similar to images, they need to be first optimized before a search engine crawler reads it, Videos also need to be indexed on the landing pages. Otherwise, the crawler will block it from indexing. Our video seo expert ensures that we design a perfect landing page that can support easy adding videos to sitemap.